Workshop Pineal Toning 


Sounds from ancient Lemuria and the Pleiades

Date: 21 Saturday & 22 of March 2020

Start: 09:30 - 17:30

Location: The Lime Tree

Professor Bronkhorstlaan 10

3723 MB Bilthoven.

Price: €150 until 1 March. €180 after 2 March.  

 Coffee, tea are included, please bring your own lunch.

This workshop counts as a qualification for later participation in the yearly choirs.

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About the tones


Pineal Tones are strongly anchored in the energy of Lemuria and the Pleiades. Dr. Todd Ovokaitys started to recall these sounds in 2001 and then already started sharing them in workshops. In 2003 Kryon (channeled by Lee Carroll) surprisingly revealed that Dr Todd was high priest in the temple of youth of ancient Lemuria. There he led a yearly ceremony where these tones were sung. Over the years, Kryon has provided the Pineal Toning with more context and information.

On 12 December 2012, the conclusion of the Mayan calendar, the 'Lemurian Choir' came together from all over the world consisting of about 950 people. Ever since, a choir has gathered each year with a specific intent, consecutively: The Compassion Choir, The Celebration Choir, The Creation Choir, The Crystalline Choir, The Kwantum Choir, The Avalon Choir and The Wisdom Choir.

About the workshop


Pineal tones are sounds that vary from simple chanted syllables on one tone to more melodic structures. There are currently 32 such structures called 'levels'. The first 24 levels were remembered by Dr Todd Ovakaitys from Lemuria; these are about 26000 years old. Levels 25-32 are new sounds and melodies that Dr Todd receives from his Pleiadian mother. Every 'level' has a specific intent with which it is to be sung.

In this workshop we will learn to sing all these sounds. We will also learn the basic techniques of overtone singing. Overtones are the Quantum aspect of sound and are important when singing the Pineal Tones as such.

No previous singing experience is required to learn the Pineal Tones. This workshop counts as a qualification for later participation in the yearly choirs.

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Marc Drost

Marc Drost studied classical singing at the Hague Conservatory. He then went on to sing at concert and theater venues in many musical styles and forms of theatre, such as opera, oratorio, musical, jazz and renaissance music. For the last 15 years he has been singing less and been teaching and composing more. He studied further at the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen to broaden his knowledge of vocal technique. He has also become more interested in the healing and spiritual power of music, tone and frequency. Furthermore, he developed an overtone singing technique through lessons and much self study. He currently lives in portugal where he composed and recored music for his record Sun & Moon & Harmonics, three wholly vocal soundscapes in which overtones play an important role.

In 2019 Marc came across Triboleta, a trio with which he improvises 'sound journey' nowadays. Here 2 videos, excerpts from a recording made in October 2019:

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Marc Drost met Dr Todd in April 2012 at a Pineal Toning workshop in Brussels. There was an instant recognition en afterwards he assited Dr Todd by conducting two combined levels. Then Marc helped in structuring the first choir, combining the 24 levels and forge them into 12 pairs and making scores and recordings. On 21-12-2012 Marc, together with Anders Holte, directed the "Lemurian Choir" on Maui, Hawaii. Marc has been in contact with Dr Todd ever since. He assisted with most yearly choirs as the conductor and recorded the new melodies in musical notation. In May 2016, Dr Todd came to the Netherlands for the first time and gave his first Pineal Toning seminar. Since April 2018, Marc Drost has been coming to Bilthoven twice a year to give a Pineal Toning workshop.

When you click on the 'youtube button' on the left you will get an overview of all of Marc Drost's excercises on video.

About Dr Tood Ovokaitys

Dr Todd's passion as a doctor and ligthworker is, among other things, working with laser light. Sometimes he works directly on the body but he also created a whole rang of nutritional supplements. These aim to maintain your health but also to cure ailments. He has had success with the treatment of HIV and AIDS and various forms of cancer. Even though his work has not been approved by the FDA, he publishes a lot outside of the US where he has had many successes. He is a White Raven in the medical world as he combines his scientific work with Pineal Toning projects.


There is a limted number of spots available. Your participation will only be guaranteed when payment has been received.

The workshop will not be canceled for reasons of low attendance; there are already enough participants.


Practice Material

Directly after receiving the participation fee, a set of practice materials under license of Pineal Tones America will be sent to the participant.

It is important to practice with this material and the practice videos before the start of the workshop

Reduced rate

There is a very limited amount of spots available to primary and high school pupils, university and college students, and people on government benefits who badly would like to participate. 

If would you like to participate for a reduced rate, please send an email detailing why you would like to be considered for this possibility.


Cancellation after payment

If you paid but have to cancel, you can do so two days (48 hours) before the start of the workshop and you will get back 50% of your participation fee. In this case you can keep the material you received.


We will learn as many of the 'levels' in the first three sessions. During the fourth session a few advanced singers will be invited to sing a part of the choir programme with the beginners so every participant can take part in a real choir experience.

Workshop Pineal toning 


21 Saturday & 22 March 2020


09:30 - 17:30



The Lime Tree

Berg and Bosch terrein

Professor Bronkhorstlaan 10

3723 MB Bilthoven



€150 until 1 March. €180 after 2 March. 

Coffee, tea are included. Please, bring your own lunch. 

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Workshop: Pineal Toning

The Lime Tree

Berg en Bosch terrein

Professor Bronkhorstlaan 10

3723 MB  Bilthoven